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Air Conditining

If you are a user of AC or going to buy, please note following some points to enhance your AC life and to save power consumption.

When Buy

  • AC model should be current year manufactuing
  • AC Tonnage should be accurate as per room size
  • Brand servicing facility type & quality in local area
  • if you are going to purchase an inverter AC then eathing should be accurate in your house

When Insallation

  • Don't use overcapacity MCB/Fuse & Undercapacity electric wire
  • Avoid any joint in electric wire & Copper pipes
  • Accessories like - Copper Tube quality & thickness,Insulation,Stand,electric wire should be approved
  • Tube bending should be through accurate bender,avoid springs bending
  • All copper tubes must be proper vaccumed before to run a new AC

Selling Old AC

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